Kuwait National Football Team vs India National Football Team stats

Kuwait National Football Team vs India National Football Team stats

In international football, the matchups between the Kuwait National Football Team and the India National Football Team have drawn attention over the years. These encounters provide a glimpse into the two teams’ competitive spirit and historical outcomes.

Overall Record

The historical record between Kuwait and India in football is somewhat debated, with sources differing on the exact number of matches played. According to various reports, the teams have faced each other around 3 to 4 times. Of these encounters, India emerged victorious in 2 games, while the rest ended in draws or Kuwait’s losses. This slight advantage places India marginally ahead in the historical statistics.

Recent Performances

The most recent meeting between these teams occurred on June 27th, 2023, when India secured a victory. This recent performance suggests that India has been in better form in their recent encounters with Kuwait, reflecting their evolving strategies and team dynamics.

Goal Scoring

Regarding goals scored, India has shown dominance in their matches against Kuwait. Sources indicate that India has netted eight goals across these encounters, compared to Kuwait’s six goals. This goal-scoring prowess underscores India’s offensive capabilities when facing Kuwait on the football pitch.

Detailed Statistics and Resources

Several resources provide comprehensive insights for those looking to delve deeper into the head-to-head statistics between India and Kuwait. Websites like FootyStats offer detailed breakdowns of win rates, scoring streaks, and goals scored within the last year. These platforms compile data that vividly depicts how the teams have performed historically and recently.

Another valuable resource is AIScore, which presents a broader historical view encompassing significant victories and defeats between the two teams. These platforms are instrumental in understanding the dynamics of past encounters, shedding light on tactical approaches and player performances that influenced match outcomes.

Consideration of Sources and Timeframes

When analyzing these statistics, it is crucial to consider the credibility of the sources and the timeframe over which the data has been collected. Different sources may report varying statistics based on their methodologies and criteria for recording matches and goals. Therefore, a comprehensive review of multiple sources helps form a well-rounded perspective on the historical performance of both teams.

Future Outlook

While past performances provide valuable insights, they do not guarantee future results. Football is a dynamic sport where strategies evolve, and new talents emerge. Therefore, while historical statistics serve as a benchmark, each new encounter between Kuwait and India brings the potential for surprises and shifts in team dynamics.


In conclusion, the statistics and records between the Kuwait National Football Team and the India National Football Team reflect a competitive history marked by close encounters and occasional dominance. India’s recent performances and goal-scoring capabilities have positioned them slightly ahead in the historical tally, although the margin remains narrow. As football evolves, these matchups will continue to captivate fans and analysts alike, showcasing the ever-changing landscape of international football competitions.


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